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Imaging package of the whole microscopic sample

As the only exclusive agent of German microwave products, Parto Noor Aseman Company is ready to provide full consulting, sales, installation and after-sales services for the entire Lam imaging system and due to its specialized activities in this field. Commits to meeting the needs of our valued customers and users.
The complete package of the whole microsurgery slide scanner includes:

  • (Basler microscopic camera (with specific frame rate and resolution required

  • 0.5x equalizer or adapter to create reverse magnification

  • Powerful and original software (original) German microvisioneer

Microscopic image viewing and sharing system

With this system, all people who deal with microscopic images in any way can easily and easily share their images with others. Professors and students of universities and training centers, laboratories and research institutes related to microscopic sciences are the main targets of this system

Microscopic Image Viewing and Sharing System has been launched as the first ordinary and bulky image sharing system (WSI) in the world with a creative performance by the young experts of Parto Noor Aseman Company. Also available on images

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