Virtual slides

Microscopic imaging

For people who work with a microscope on a regular basis, the need to photograph microscopic specimens has often arisen. Of course, this need can have various reasons, such as printing an article, measuring on an image, taking notes, saving and archiving, and so on. However, it is not always possible to photograph microscopic specimens easily. If the microscope user does not have any specialized imaging tools such as a camera and a microscopic equalizer (adapter) available, he or she may have to take a picture using his or her mobile phone camera. But this method of imaging has its challenges.

Microscopic photography with a mobile camera

In this method, the user places her mobile phone camera in front of a microscope and by moving it, she tries to view the microscopic image through the mobile phone screen. Sometimes this method is accompanied by difficulties in aligning the cell phone camera and the microscope’s eye and takes time. In addition, photography in this way is not necessarily of high quality and may, at best, provide only the minimum required. This method will be much more difficult, especially if you need to film the sample.

Mobile Adapters or Mobile Holders

One of the devices that reduce the challenges of shooting with a mobile phone camera are mobile adapters or mobile holders. This device facilitates and accelerates the adjustment of the location of the mobile phone camera by mounting it under the eye of a microscope. Also, due to the fixed location of the mobile in this method, it will be easier to film the sample.

Virtual slide or digital slide (Virtual Slide)

Virtual slide or digital slide (Virtual Slide) These severe limitations have led to the creation of virtual or digital slides. When glass slides are scanned by microscopic devices or imaging techniques, a digital file called a virtual slide is generated.

Virtual slides are created by stacking several images at different scales, which ultimately form a large, high-resolution image. Virtual slides will sometimes have a resolution of up to several tens of gigapixels.

Today, due to the advantages of these images, virtual slides are used in various fields of medical sciences, laboratory sciences, biology and materials science.

One of the important applications of virtual slides is in telepathology and diagnosis. . These digital images can be created by devices and methods called microscopic slide scanners.

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