With the expansion of the digital world, communication technologies have entered various aspects of life. One of the most important of these areas is telepathology. In pathology laboratories, samples are sent for examination by a specialist. This examination is performed under a microscope and above the zoom.

Importance of client rights

Specialist help to insert diagnosis, knowledge, experience and skills. The need to consult with colleagues when making a diagnosis is common in pathology laboratories. These tips will help you get a more accurate and complete explanation. Getting advice from colleagues is a sign of respect for the client. Because it takes more time from the expert to provide the final report. However, it is very important for pathologists. Because the patient’s health and the continuation of the correct treatment process is very important for them. The importance of telepathology is in fact the importance of patient rights.

The tool that has been used in the world for this purpose with the help of pathology laboratories is slide scanners. Pathology smear scanners provide pathology traps for the pathologist.



Digital pathology is one of the main branches of telepathology. . More on this topic in the Digital Pathology article. Every year, the number of laboratory centers in the world that are equipped with digital pathology is increasing. Usually, though, top labs are always at the forefront.

The process of scanning a pathological slide and sending it to a colleague via the Internet is the same as telepathology. Reducing time, increasing speed, improving quality are the benefits of telepathology.

. There are different types of pathology scanners that you can read in the article Scanner scan from Parnoa site.

In Iran, the top laboratories are equipped with smear scanners. Among them, we can mention Nikan Laboratory of Mashhad and Razi Laboratory of Kermanshah.

The growing trend of this technology is undeniable. This has led more laboratories to focus on telepathology.

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