Supply of imaging and microscopic equipment

We have made our mission a specialized activity in the field of microscopic imaging so that our customers can guide and buy from us with confidence.

If you need advice on providing a variety of biopsy and trioptology bioscopes, imaging cameras and equipping your microscope with a variety of microscope cameras and providing the necessary peripherals, be sure to consult with us.
The wide range of products and devices available in this field in different qualities and brands may confuse our customers or make the wrong decision in purchasing. Therefore, we always recommend that you consult with us before purchasing any equipment related to the microscope.
Our colleagues are ready to answer you in Parto Noore Aseman and also to supply the equipment you need.

Optical microscopes

Optical biology microscopes on the market are generally divided into three categories: monocular, binocular, and triophal microscopes. Also, due to the increase in foreign exchange rates, today various brands of Chinese microscopes are operating in the Iranian market, and each of the companies offering its microscope brand is one of the best microscope brands in the world!
If quality shopping is important to you, be sure to consult before buying.

Microscopic camera

Research has shown that most microscope centers also have at least one microscope. Microscopic cameras are used for microscopic imaging and can be used to view, record and process microscopic specimens. Microscopic cameras are used for microscopic imaging and can be used to view, record and process microscopic specimens. Unfortunately, we have often heard from our customers that these microscope users, due to lack of sufficient knowledge of the features of a microscope camera, and relying only on a few factors, have tried to buy a camera for their microscope, which of course did not work well for them.
For this reason, we strongly recommend that you use our free consultation before buying a camera for your microscope.
If you wish, it is also possible to order a variety of cameras with appropriate quality and warranty from Parto Noore Aseman Company.
Subsequent support for the microscope is one of the most important purchasing factors that we are committed to.

Ancillary equipment required

It is interesting to know that just by buying a microscope camera, even with the right quality and features, you can not expect a good image. Microscope optics and microscope camera optics must be matched together using special lenses, also called equalizers or adapters, to achieve the best camera quality output.
Providing advice, supply and installation of equalizer (lens) suitable for cameras and microscopes Dear customers, along with other accessories needed by them regarding microscopes and microscopic imaging cameras is one of our main tasks.

Smear scanner (microscopic sample)

Imaging of the entire microscopic specimen or slide scan is one of the most important needs of microscope users. For this purpose, various methods and devices have been offered in the world as slide scanners, each of which has been well received depending on the needs of customers. In one category, slide scanners are divided into two categories: automatic slide scanning and manual slide scanning. Due to the high cost of preparing and maintaining automatic scanners, hand-held scanners are a good choice for various imaging purposes. In this method, using only one software and connecting it to the camera mounted on a microscope, the whole image of the slide is provided to the users simultaneously with the movement of the prepared slide.

Lam hand scanner, in addition to specialized benefits, gives the user a lot of pleasure in using each part of the sample.
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