Provide imaging and scanning services for microscopic specimens

We have made our mission a comprehensive specialized activity in the field of microscopic imaging so that our customers can guide and buy from us with confidence.

We are well aware that microscopic imaging is one of the most important needs of microscope users. On the other hand, some of our customers do not want to buy the equipment needed for imaging for various reasons. But even this group of customers have repeatedly needed to scan microscopic samples and come to us. Therefore, we proudly consider microscopic imaging as one of our tasks.

You are our guest for the first order of imaging your microscopic sample …

Types of microscopic imaging orders:

Single photography

In this type of photography, using modern and up-to-date equipment that we have, from different areas of the sample, in different zooms and the required number of individual photography will be done. These images are in the dimensions of 2048 by 1536 and have a suitable quality for various research and educational purposes.

Scan an area of a microscopic specimen

One of the most common types of scanning microscopic specimens is imaging an area of a microscopic slide that cannot be seen in a microscopic view of the slide! In other words, instead of taking a single image of different areas of the sample and at different zooms, in this method a single image of the entire area is taken. This type of sample scan, which can be performed with a manual slide scanning system, is required in addition to educational applications for counseling topics.

Full scan of microscopic specimens

With a full slide scan, your virtual slide will be created. You no longer need a microscope to view this virtual slide. All areas of the slide in the required zooms are well visible through this image and can meet all the needs of the user of the physical slide. Lam sizing cameras have high prices, so it is not affordable for many customers. Therefore, we suggest preparing a complete package of manual imaging of the whole slide. But if for any reason you do not want to buy this affordable and versatile package, we still have a great offer for you. Leave your microscopic slide scan to us.

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