Introduction to scanners


In general, any electronic device that converts a paper document into a digital image is called a scanner. Scanners have different resolution powers and convert documents into digital images with different quality and speed, depending on the model, price and company.

With the development of science and technology, scanners have gone beyond paper documents and today in various fields and industries, various types of scanners are used. Including scanners of historical monuments, 3D scanners in industries and factories, etc.

One of the most important and influential areas where the presence of a scanner is well felt is microscopic science. Microscopic glass slides or slides need to be converted to digital images for processing and analysis, which is done by scanners.

Scanner performance

Depending on the type and model of construction, scanners have a different and complex way of working. In general, the performance of microscopic scanners in general can be considered similar to other scanners. Using the advanced algorithms used in them, the microscopes paste the images together and form a quality image of the entire target area.

Application of scanners

As mentioned, scanners help us turn our documents, objects, and tools into high-quality digital images for our intended purpose. These goals can be to simulate an object or device, archive a collection of documents, send and receive documents, and our other needs.
In one category, the types of scanners can be divided into the following categories according to their appearance and type of function:

  • Flatbed scanners

  • Sheetfed scanners(Sheetfed)

  • Document scanners

  • Map or plotter scanners

  • Movie and slide scanners

  • Portable handheld scanners

In the field of microscopic images, slide scanners have been marketed for many years and depending on their features, they are offered at different prices. . In future articles, we will look at different types of microscopic slide scanners and microscopic imaging systems.

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