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Complete manual imaging system for microscopic specimens (slides)

The expansion of the digital world is expanding every day and the advancement of technology, especially in the field of digital, has caused this field to penetrate most of the world’s sciences. Laboratory sciences, biology, pathology, etc. are also changing every day, and hand in hand with the digital world, they are looking to achieve amazing and dazzling results. But in the meantime, the first step to connect the world of microscopic science with the digital world is to convert these microscopic samples into digital microscopic samples.

By converting a glass slide into a digital slide, all the restrictions of a physical piece will be removed and a new hatch will be created in front of our way.
Hence, there are various methods for obtaining integrated images of microscopic glass samples (scan slides) in the world. From scanners to motorized microscopes to manual scans.

Meanwhile, manual scans, due to their attractive advantages, are considered as a suitable method for imaging the entire slide, which is increasingly developing in the world and is added to its customers and wants every day.

What is manual imaging of the entire slide?

At a simple disadvantage, the manual full-scale imaging system (full-scale scan) uses a camera, an equalizer, and software to help you measure any level of your microscopic specimen you want to photograph. Turn it into an integrated digital sample and enjoy the vast benefits of a digital image by viewing it on your computer.
It should be noted that manual imaging of the whole slide is completely different from single imaging of different sections of the sample!
Because in single shooting, we will have to see a number of images of the same size, each showing only a part of the sample, while in manual shooting the whole slide, after selecting the start time of the scan, without having to do Conventional photography, with just the movement of the stage, provides massive image software (WSI) of the entire area you want. This single image has the ability to zoom while maintaining quality and covers the entire area you want.

Advantages of manual whole-slice imaging:

Many things can be mentioned as advantages and advantages of manual whole imaging method (slide scanning). Of course, this method, like other methods, naturally has limitations that the user, according to her needs, should choose and purchase an imaging system suitable for her.
In general, some of the features of full-slope manual imaging include:

  • Saving time:

    Scanning a sample at low zooms or part of a sample at high zooms will be done faster using this method.

  • Save money:

    Since this method does not require any special infrastructure, it can be prepared and commissioned at a cost of about a quarter of other imaging methods.

  • Scan the target area:
    When only a certain section of the sample is required, scanning the target area instead of scanning the entire slide is an important advantage.

  • Longer lifespan:
    Since this method does not require the provision of special mechanical devices, the possibility of repairing or replacing the part will be very low.

  • Equipping the microscope with a quality camera:
    The binoculars used for manual scanning are one of the best cameras in the world, which not only makes it possible to scan using the relevant software, but also, in itself, has a very important material and practical value that in other cases, such as viewing Online samples will also be used.

Since Parto Noore Aseman Company has outlined its mission as a specialized activity in the field of microscopic imaging and also has appropriate expertise, experience and knowledge in this field, by receiving the exclusive representation of German Microvisioneer, it is committed to providing consulting and sales services. We know the installation as well as after-sales service of complete or individual products in this field.
It should be noted that the system of viewing and sharing microscopic images provides cloudy space, easy and suitable for uploading and sharing virtual slides.

necessary equipment

Basler microscope cameras with pre-determined model can provide the best quality in scanning.

Microscope camera

The equalizer, or adapter, gives us an image similar to what can be seen under a microscope eye by creating a reverse magnification.

Microscope equalizer

Microwave software only works with licensed cameras.



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