Design and launch of software services

We have made our mission a comprehensive specialized activity in the field of microscopic imaging so that our customers can guide and buy from us with confidence.

Since our goal has been to provide comprehensive services to our valued customers, one of our most important activities is to design and launch software platforms. The company’s software team has been one of the most important pillars of our company since the beginning. All our efforts are to provide affordable services. For this reason, we have been able to gain the satisfaction of our customers in the field of software. You can also share your software needs with us.
We will not withhold any help.

Types of software products and services:

Virtual microscope

The growing world of information technology has created a new and amazing world in front of researchers and researchers and the emergence of virtual microscopes in the real world …
Just as physical microscopes are the basis of the work of many researchers and audiences today, research and the evolution of the world indicate the growing attractiveness and capability of virtual microscopes. So that soon everyone who deals with microscopes in any way, must have at least one virtual microscope account …
We are proud to present the first and most comprehensive virtual microscope in Iran …
Our virtual microscope is an innovative system with the aim of improving the quality and productivity of the country’s educational and research system.

Bank of microscopic images

Physical microscopes will not have much use on their own, and it is the microscopic slides that are required to work with microscopes. In the digital world, too, virtual microscopes alone can not meet all the needs of users, and virtual slides need to be loaded and used. Therefore, a bank of microscopic images has been created in which you can buy and sell your virtual slides …
Amazing world of virtual slides that you are the scene of …

Integrated correspondence and document management system

One of the concerns of our customers has been the management of correspondence and documents within the organization in their collection. Although there are several software products for this purpose, but the existence of an integrated system for correspondence and sending and receiving documents at a reasonable price, with strong support and very easy to use has been the reason for designing and launching an “integrated correspondence and document management system.” . This system has been welcomed by dear customers to manage their correspondence and files with monthly payments with speed and accuracy in small and large collections.
Be sure to contact us for more information on tariffs and tips.

Be sure to contact us for more information on tariffs and tips.

Our customer-oriented experience has shown that personalizing a system is of particular importance to many customers. Many organizations, for various reasons, have needed to add or reduce the features of the default “Correspondence and Document Management” system. This is an advantage and value for us that you can decide without worrying about determining the features of the system you need. By doing this, you have gone 70% of the way in setting up an internal system for your collection. Only by selecting the factors that must be removed or added, you can set up the system of your choice while reducing costs.

Web design

The importance of gaining satisfaction and reassurance has led us to be with our customers at all stages. Therefore, for some time now, matters related to site design have been included in the services of Partonorasman Company in order to give peace of mind of price and quality to all our small and large needs to our dear customers.
The purpose of fulfilling site design orders, more than the financial aspect for us, is to provide integrated services to our valued customers.

If you need free advice or guidance and information about tariffs, send us your name and phone number.
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