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Microscopic camera equipped with scanning software

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Why should I use a digital slide?

Digital lam is a great feature and technology of the world. Digital lam is a great feature and technology of the world.

slide scanner

Increasing speed

And save time


Increase revenue

And reduce costs

Digital Slide

Access at any time

And in any place

Step into the amazing world of digital slides …

Advantages of microscopic super resolution images

Using the slide scanning software, the entire desired area of the slide is imaged with the best quality, and instead of taking multiple photos of different parts of the slide, one photo gives us the best zoom of all or part of the slide.

Digital microscopic images are always available to users and make it easy to use and prevent damage to the body and eyes of users.

The possibility of comparing several laboratory samples with each other or one sample at different zooms is one of the pleasant advantages of microscopic digital images.

Quick and easy sharing of large microscopic images, allowing samples to be viewed simultaneously between multiple users at any time and place


Variety of virtual slide categories


Number of digital slides available


Number of virtual microscope members

Parnoa News:

Parnoa Company has joined the group of creative ecology companies of the Vice President for Science and Technology

Presence of Parnoa Company in the 8th Exhibition of Laboratory Equipment Made in Iran

Start of the global plan to replace current and old microscopic cameras in laboratory centers, universities and laboratory centers, with a new generation of microscopic cameras with Lam scanner software

Examination of blood cells in the third virtual microscope webinar, with the presence of Dr. Golkhani

Application of slide scan in pathology

Familiarity with smear scanner software

Our other services

Parto Noore Aseman Company, while providing services and products in the field of scanning, storing and sharing microscopic images, is also ready to provide extensive services in various fields of microscopic digital images.

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