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Parto Noor Aseman Company

Located in Isfahan Scientific and Research Town

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Pernoa team …

Co-sponsorship, collaboration and partnership with Parto Noor Aseman

Mahmoud Agha Taheri

Site Technical Support Manager

electrical engineer

Code writer and developer

Mohammad Javad Zamani


Master of ElectroOptic Engineering

Image processing instructor and coder
Optical systems designer

Sajjad Rahimian

Market Sales and Development Manager

Industrial Engineer

Market analysis and project management

Mohammad Aghamiri

Software engineering

Sharif Electrical Engineering Master

Python coder-image processing

Mohammad Reza Torabi

Software engineering

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Python code writer and software designer

Ali Hakimi

site designer

computer engineer

Php and Laravel coders

about company

With the aim of providing services and products for processing microscopic digital images in order to facilitate and expedite laboratory processes, as well as improving the quality and efficiency of the country’s educational and research system based on knowledge of indigenous and local experts in 2017 and in 2019 He started working in the scientific research town of Isfahan.
Parto Noor Aseman Group, based on its experience and knowledge in the field of training and processing of digital microscopic and laboratory images, as well as conducting specialized studies on the challenges and limitations in this field, including commenting and collaborative diagnostic collaboration on a slide, transportation costs. Physics and Lam Archives, as well as educational problems and limitations, have set up the cloud system (Parnoa.ir). This system has led to the elimination of many possible limitations and challenges in this field.
In addition, as the sole exclusive representative of the German company Microvisioneer, Pernoa Group has provided the services and equipment required for digital scans, as well as providing free advice and support for this equipment.

We are committed to ourselves

  • Installation

  • Provide after-sales equipment and services

  • And specialized support

from our products

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Our organizational culture

Improving the level of science and technology of our dear Islamic homeland in various fields required by the country

The Iranian people are the best assets of our beloved country. So, using the capital of the youth of this country, we will provide them with the best services and the most up-to-date technologies.

Providing quality consulting, sales, installation and after-sales services to all dear customers

Love and affection for our country, knowledge and expertise in our minds, intelligence and ingenuity and innovation of the youth of this region and the shortcomings in this field, became our motivation to start a great and important movement.

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